Things to do in Salzburg with kids

things to do in salzburg with kids

The city of Salzburg makes for an incredible attraction for anyone; both tourists and indigenes. The close proximity between attractions means that in Salzburg you will find a lot of fun activities to engage in. People plan their vacations, outings, tourism or recreation in different ways, but if you came into the city of Salzburg with kids and you are in town to let the kids also get some fun, then here are a few suggestions for things to do in salzburg with kids.

The Schloss Hellbrunn Water Fountain

Austria is a country for all weather and climates, and when it gets very hot in Salzburg and you’re with the kids, the Schloss Hellbrunn Water Fountain has just the perfect blend of coolness and fun for the kids. The Schloss Hellbrunn was invented in the early 17th century by a Prince-Archbishop who was known for his really awesome sense of humor and loves to bring happiness to all around him. The water fountain will occasionally surprise its guests by spraying out water on them, or at least those who do not know the mechanism already.

Passing time at the Mirabell Gardens

The Mirabell Gardens is also known to be the Mirabell Palace which is not difficult to explain because the garden is probably the most beautiful in the world. If you get kids over to the Mirabell Gardens, they will require very little invitation to have fun. In the famous Sound of Music movie, the Mirabell Gardens was featured and the kids in the movie looked as happy as any kid having a dream birthday. A must see in Salzburg!

Sight Seeing at the Hanger 7 Aircraft Museum

The Hanger 7 Aircraft Museum in its own is a beautiful museum that houses numerous aircrafts, but there’s more the owner of the Red Bull energy drink lives in Salzburg and he uses the Hanger 7 Aircraft Museum to exhibit his collection of aircrafts and formula 1 race cars. At the Hanger 7, there are also exhibitions of art collections and the incredible Ikarus restaurant and a couple more. Nothing stirs joy in a kid than cars, aircrafts and then a good restaurant to turn to after the day’s outing makes the Hanger 7 Aircraft Museum just perfect for kids to visit.

The rich view from the Hohensalzburg Fortress

Kids are often bubbly, with a lot of energy to burn, but at times when the energy has all been sapped or your kid is just not in the mood to be hyperactive, there is the option of getting a nice vantage point and enjoying any view that spreads out for you. This time around the vantage point is the Hohensalzburg Fortress and the view that spreads out for you to see is the countryside.

The Hohensalzburg Fortress is a large and well preserved structure sitting just at the top of a mountain in town. In the fortress you can grab a bite to eat in anyone of the incredible restaurants there.

In Salzburg there’s room for everyone to catch a sufficient amount of fun, so if you are looking for a vacation destination with the kids, you know what you should know now.


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