things to do in salzburg at night

You want to enjoy Salzburg at night? Perfect. It only depends on what you prefer. A fine dinner in a restaurant? Dancing? A pub with as much beer as possible? Easy! In this article, we give you an overview of what you can do in Salzburg at night. For specific tipps, just look at our other sites/blogposts (restaurants, pubs, clubs). We also review the locations, you can find our opinion in the review section.

Dine out



At first: A Map. You can see the bar/pub landscape in Salzburg. Not all the locations are marked, but I think you get a good overall picture.

bars in salzburg

The red line is the „Rudolfskai“. It’s a longer street with plenty pubs and bars.

  • Shamrock Irish Bar
  • O’Malley’s Irish Pub
  • Segabar
  • Vis-á-Vis & The Cube
  • City Alm Bar Pub
  • Aperitivo – Café Bar
  • Apo Bar
  • Riverside Bar.Diskothek.Lounge
  • Cafe Alchemie

On the green line, you will also find bars and pubs.

  • Watzmann

The blue area is more a club area.

  • Half Moon
  • Republic
  • Take 5

At the cyan line you will find more bars, a cocktail bar and a belgium beer bar.

  • Havana
  • Alchemist

As you can see, the locations are not far from another. You don’t need a cap or anything like that, just use your feet…except you are too drunk to go.

Other locations