Salzburg famous for

salzburg famous for

Mozart, Baroque Architecture, The Sound of Music, these are famous names associated with Salzburg, the fourth largest city of Austria. As the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the ultimate dream of Baroque architecture lovers, Salzburg became one of the popular destinations in Austria. Those who were mesmerized by the beauty of the city depicted in the movie The Sound of Music will never miss to visit Salzburg at least once in their lifetime. So, Salzburg – famous for…what and why?

History Of Salzburg

In 15BC, the Romans founded the city named Iuvavum, a small community of Celts, within the city limits of what is now known as Salzburg; it was however left in ruins by the Romans. During 699AD, the Duke of Bavaria gave the ruins to St. Rupert; by this time, the city grew. In 1166, a dispute between the archbishop of Salzburg and German Emperor Barbarossa destroyed the city. During the 14th century, Salzburg became independent from Bavaria, yet it was under the Holy Roman Empire. From the 17th to 18th century, leaders transformed Salzburg into one of the most beautiful baroque cities complete with gardens, churches and palaces. During the 18th century, the archbishops lost power, and Salzburg, in 1816, became part of the Austrian empire. During the World War I, Austria became part of Germany and Salzburg was greatly destroyed. The World War II brought the city under the power of the US troops. But the city was re-established after the war. In 1995 Salzburg became part of the European Union.

Salzburg famous for

Salzburg has many museums, historic and religious sites and cemeteries. A museum everyone should not miss is Mozart Gerburtshaus, the birthplace of the famous composer displaying some of his works. There is also Salzburg Fortress, Haus der Natur – a natural history and science museum, and Red Bull Hangar-7 displaying aircraft with lounges and bars. For the religious aficionados, visit the Nonnberg Convent and the Salzburg Cathedral or Dom, famous for being the sacred place of sacrifices and rituals during the Celtic and Roman times. There are also places that communicate the history of Austria; they are Residenzgalerie Salzburg, Hellbrunn Castles, St. Peter Abbey’s Cemetery and Petersfriedhof. For theater buffs, a visit to Grosses Festspielhaus and Marionette Theater must be part of the itinerary. Zoos, gardens and historic walking areas are also everywhere, such as the Mirabell Palace and the Garden featured in the movie „Sound of Music“. Go to the Salzburger Tiergarten Hellbrunn, Wasserspiel Hellbrunn, Untersburg for a breathtaking mountain walk. The Salzburg Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Getting To Salzburg

To enter Salzburg, one can use their main gateway, the Salzburg Airport, from big cities all over Europe. But one can also get into the city using the massive interconnection of the Austrian railway system. From major hubs in Vienna, Munich and Zurich, Salzburg can be easily traveled. Eurail pass holders can get several benefits, from trip discounts to hotel accommodations, when they use it to travel towards Salzburg. If your already in Salzburg, you can get more infos at the tourist informations.


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