Points of interest in salzburg

Notable events are a yardstick to remembering interesting times, while points of interest are helpful in remembering interesting places. This time, it is about Salzburg and all the interesting places in the beautiful city. The city sits in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe, Austria.

The city of Salzburg is famous as one of the most interesting cities out there with many points of interest to savor. Here’s a few points of interest in Salzburg.

Salzburg Cathedral

The twin 79 meter towers on the Salzburg cathedral makes the grand building more of a sight to behold. The building was first completed in 1657, but overtime, it has been upgraded to what it looks like currently. If you find yourself in the cathedral, keep your eyes peeled for the four marble statues of St Rupert and Virgil, and patron saints of the province on the outside. The other two are located inside and they represent saints Peter and Paul. If the catholic church ever had a museum it would be located at the Salzburg cathedral, the gigantic bronze doors with the symbols of love, faith and hope stamped on them are an absolute sight to behold. The cathedral features a range of impressive art works including sculptures and paintings which make it a point of interest in Salzburg.


The structure has been erected since the 16th century as the Archbishop’s guesthouse, and is located right opposite the Salzburg Residenz. Mozart is maybe the greatest instrumentalist and musician of all time, and he hails from Salzburg. The 35 bells in the premises blast classic tunes from Mozart’s musicals three times a day.

Salzburg’s Festival Theaters

In Salzburg, you’ll quickly find that music is held in high esteem, and so are music festivals. The Salzburg’s Festival Theaters is a popular venue for music concerts and events and is natively called Festspielhäuser. It encompasses the larger Festspielhaus and the smaller Haus für Mozart, all exquisitely designed. The theaters also feature art exhibitions and drama events. Lovers of theatre arts will have the five-week-long summer event featuring the best of European music and drama to look forward to.

Mozart’s Birthplace

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is disputably the greatest musician/instrumentalist that ever trod the earth. He was born in Salzburg and his greatness made his place of birth one of the many points of interest to behold in Salzburg. The place natively known as Mozarts Geburtshaus, is now a museum to young Mozart’s instruments, portraits, works and representations of his achievements.

Salzburg is only one of a few cities in the planet that has it all: a rich culture, hospitable people, beauty and a deep history. So, when summer comes be sure to have Salzburg (Australia) on your shortlist. There’s a range of foods and theatrics to enjoy. Hopefully, the points of interest will set you on your path towards a happy stay in Salzburg.

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Points of interest in salzburg

Notable events are a yardstick to remembering interesting times, while points of...
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