Luxury Hotels Salzburg

luxury hotels salzburg

In the city you can find them – luxury hotels salzburg. We introduce a few of them and maybe you will find „the one“.


The Hotel Sacher is located in the City where Mozart was born and is a family run venture and this has helped the management in their preps for their customers because they know firsthand, to treat everyone as family. It is a wonderful hotel really; rendering a number of services together with the hotel services. The Hotel Sacher totally gets the importance of music in easing people off and that is why music has been fully incorporated in the premises. It is regularly patronized by top celebrities, so you might just be sharing a passage with your favorite celebrity if you were lodging there.


The Goldener Hirsch hotel is the subject of the saying, “the older the wine, the sweeter it is“. The hotel has been in existence for over 600 years, and has got better with each passing year. The hotel, located in Central Salzburg, is surrounded by really lively amenities: the train station, a pedestrian area, the conference hall and then the antique Mirabell Palace. The hotel services are first class and if you decide to lodge here, you’ll probably not want to leave. The hotel comes with over 70 overly luxurious rooms and suites, with an environment to die for.


The Sheraton Hotel is a beauty to behold located in Schloss Mirabell, with spacious rooms and suites in great numbers. Coupled with the hotels beauty is the fact that it is located just at about the heart of the beautiful city of Salzburg and this provides the perfect view for sightseers looking to see the city of Salzburg. The hotel itself dishes out a variety of first class services from their cuisines, rooms, recreation facilities, entertainment spots, bars and a couple more.


The Hotel Bristol is often mistaken for a beautiful, well stocked and expensive museum because of the antique class of designs that adorn the passages of the hotel. Like most five star hotels in Salzburg, parking spaces are nothing to worry over. The Hotel Bristol’s attention to culture is evident as every room is graced with a piece of history from the past, which is an excitement most customers welcome.


The Hotel Schloss Monchstein, right from the outer premises screams luxury. They have got a lot of first class services out there and this extends to the personnel working in the hotel. In the hotel, the Schloss Monchstein restaurant, the day spa are a few of the facilities among many others that will leave an impression like a scar on you. The interior of the Schloss Monchstein and the rooms can be referred to as ‘cute’; great color and art combination.

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Luxury Hotels Salzburg

In the city you can find them – luxury hotels salzburg. We introduce...
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