How to survive in Salzburg

how to survive in salzburg

We provide you with an „Salzburg survival kit“. It consists of key points you really should know about Salzburg. In the end you know how to survive in Salzburg. Enjoy your training!

1. You need money

This is an obvious one, but Salzburg isn’t cheap. Especially if you need food it will get costly.

2. You don’t have an umbrella and rainwear? Get one!

Salzburg is famous for music, Mozart and more. But it’s also prominent for the high rainfall. I can promise you – the weather can be very changeable, so make sure you have the gear ready. First rule: Don’t trust the current weather!

3. Maybe you shouldn’t drink too much

We (the Austrians) drink and drink and drink. Ok, this sounds a little bit crazy…but it’s true. The locals are used to hard liquor. Especially if you come to Salzburg, you will enjoy the good beer. But be aware: The percentage of alcohol in our drinks is much higher than in other, non european countries.

4. Lehen and the Rudolfskai

In every city you have „danger zones“ and if you ask locals, they’ll probably answer „Don’t go to Lehen and the Rudolfskai at night.“ Is this true? Yes and no. In my opinion, the district „Lehen“ and the „Rudolfskai“ (it’s our party street)  is not risky – particularly not in the daytime. At night, the over all  mood is normally fine and playful! just be aware of the few cute beatniks.

5. „Austrians are very polite, but they don’t mean it“ – Walz

If you come to know the mentality you understand this sentence. Austrians tend to whitewash and dodge a little bit to make their lifes easier. If you are a straight forward guy and do business in Austria, you may have problems with the mentality, but as a tourist, it’s an advantage ;).

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