(almost) free things to do in salzburg

free things to do in salzburg

The city can be expensive, we know… but hey there are a couple of very cool and almost free things to do in Salzburg also. Let’s see:


1) You should go for a walk in the beautiful old city and have a look at the fantastic architecture, the cosy cafes and historic monuments. Just keep your eyes peeled and you’ll detect some glorious statues all around the pedestrian area.

2) Maybe you’ve already heard of the famous and glamorous Salzburg Festival in summer? Yes, it’s a little bit expensive, but here comes the good news: In the time period between the end of July and the end of August there are audiovisual presentations of theses theatres, operas and concerts on a huge screen at the Kapitelplatz. Just sit down for free and listen to the sound.

3) Living in Salzburg means living next to a lot of … churches. And if you’re not absolutely uninterested in religious buildings, there’ll be one famous cathedral you should have seen. Ok, it’s not able to hold a candle to Sagrada Familia, but it’s beautiful anyway. Entry is free, but you could offer a donation if you like.

4) If you’re student under 26 you could have a free guided tour through the museum of modern art every Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the entry is not completely free, but it’s 2 instead of 8 Euros and if you’re interested in art it will be worth the money. Otherwise, you could just walk up the little hill to the museum and enjoy the beautiful view over Salzburg and take some memorable pictures.

5) Every day from 09.00 until 22.00 the Hangar 7 is open for visitors who like to take a look at the interesting aircraft collection. Even the huge glass building is amazing, we promise. The Hangar 7 is a place, where fine architecture meets culture, art and technology. (5)


6) There’s a daily, completely free sport offer called “bewegt im park”, where you can attend spontaneously without registering. Just have a look at the courses and do some stretching, Tajii, Qigong and Fitness. It started in June and lasts until September, 17th.

7) You like to play Volleyball? Great, there’s an awesome sandy beachvolleyball place at Volksgarten, surrounded by beautiful nature. Just have a look and take a ball with you or ask some guys to join the game.Additionally, there’s free wifi and some cozy beach chairs to do a little nap.

8) What about taking a nice bike tour? Renting a city bike is a simple and cheap way of independently discovering some beautiful places around Salzburg. By easily registering at the citybike station at Hanusch-Platz you can ride one hour for free and very additional for 1 Euro each. Registration can be done easily online at http://www.citybikesalzburg.at or just at the bike station. You only have to register once for 1 Euro, that’s it.


9) You’re not really into sports? No problem, just sit down in the grass field at Salzach Kai and have a look at the beautiful scenery and you’ll probably meet a lot of relaxing people enjoying the last rays of sunlight. But don’t even think about swimming, it’s dangerous, no joking.

10) The historical Hellbrunner park in Anif is another awesome place to relax and go for a nice walk. The Parking place is 2 Euros for 2 hours and 0,80 Cent every additional one, but the entry is free.

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(almost) free things to do in salzburg

The city can be expensive, we know… but hey there are a couple...
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